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 The national average is 64%.

The Special Care Dentistry Association Residency Outcomes Assessment (ROA) Exams are used to test knowledge in Hospital and General Dentistry. The ROA is currently used by Program Directors to evaluate both entering residents (pre-test) and residents completing their program (post-test), but could serve as a resource for any program wishing to evaluate knowledge in these functional areas. The exam meets the American Dental Association Accreditation standards for Advanced Education Programs in General Practice Residency and Advanced Education in General Dentistry.



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The online exam can be offered anywhere and at any time and provides instant scores. Random sorting of test questions and answers protect the integrity of the exam.  

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What's new?

SCDA has offered the ROA exam program for over 8 years! Below are a few upgraded changes to look forward to this year:

1) New Upgraded Exam

SCDA Members and Program Directors recently completed a review and content update of the SCDA ROA Exams. As a result of this review, SCDA updated the Hospital and General Dentistry test specifications for each exam to better reflect the skills and knowledge needed by students in today's ever-changing dentistry industry. SCDA will implement these new test specifications and scoring changes.

2) How to...?

SCDA recently conducted a survey to Program Directors on how to improve the ordering process for ROA exams. This year, SCDA will provide pdf tutorials on how to order and best administer exams. 

3) Faster Paper Results

As part of the ROA program upgrade, SCDA is finalizing a review of internal structures that will allow for paper results to be provided in a faster and easier to understand document. With assistance from the ADA, SCDA will be providing paper exam results in a new format to allow for Program Directors to review results faster and share these with their students.